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Tanks Features
Gas tanks sold by GASCO to citizens, factories, farms features high specifications:
  1. Safety:
    • Safety valve for each tank
    • Mounted in suitable location pursuant to specific standards and specifications
    • Selection of suitable location of the tank and in field filling add more safety
  2. Odor
    • The tank provides the gas continually for longer periods that extend more than on year pursuant to the tank size and owner consumption.
    • o Smooth filling process made via simple telephone call to filling section in the relative district or sending fax or through site.
  3. Designed pursuant to the international standards and specifications
  4. Gauge defined the available gas level to avoid sudden interruption of gas supply.

Ground surface top mounted Tank specification
Component Description


Tank structure Cylindrical, consist of two glob sections represent the tank edges and middle cylindrical section designed to withstand a pressure up to 36 Kg/cm2 (bars)


Safety valve Valve mounted on the overhead section of the tank to maintain the balance of pressure inside the thank, normally closed, and opens automatically at increase pressure inside the tank exceeding the allowable limits and normally close when the pressure drops to the allowable limit.


Filling valve (gas inlet) Non-return valve, allow liquefied gas passing to the tank but never allow its discharges, this valve is used for filling the tank.


Discharge valve This valve is used to discharge the gas from the tank when needed.


Service valve (gas outlet) This valve is used to obtain the gas from the tank in its gaseous state and it is fitted with special tank


Pressure regulator This valve is used to control the pressure outlet from the tank and fix the suitable pressure


Liquid level meter This meter is used to define the quantity of the tank. This meter is graded from 0% up to 95%. Reading represent the liquefied gas level inside the tank


Pressure Gauge This gauge is used to define the gas pressure inside the gas


Tank Cover Metal cover to protect the mounted hardware on the tank: outlet and inlet assembly, percentage meter against weather conditions.


Label This label is metal plate fixed to the tank structure on which tank information are recorded e.g. tank capacity, factory name, manufacturing date, and other technical information.

Ground Surface mounted tank manufacturing phases:

The tanks are manufactured in accordance with internationals standards and specifications.

Production commences by cutting and wrapping the steel sheets to form the cylinder structure, then this structure is automatically and linearly welded. In the mean time the terminal edges are beveled then, valves bases are welded in the designated openings then ends are mounted and welded automatically and cylindrically to the tank structure.

After having completed the hardware welding, x-rays tests are preformed on each sport of welding. Now, the tank is ready except the valves after performing the hydraulic test, the tank surface is cleaned using blasting then moved to metal painting and coating. After the tank is dried, the tank will be ready for the final phase, which is mounting the valves and meters, and leak test.

Tanks are manufactured, inspected and tested pursuant to Saudi Standard Specification. Moreover, manufacturing is strictly comply with the technical requirements of pressurized vessels of DEMARK PLATER Germany